How Recruiters Can Help Smoothen Out Relocation Pains

As one of the top placement agencies in Gujarat, at Ethos, we have learned to solve staffing problems by going beyond the ordinary, and doing that bit extra where experts and professionals trust us to provide smooth experiences. This does not always happen by just matching job resumes with job positions, or just because a potential employee and potential employer are ready to negotiate.

Big companies have their own human resources networks and experts, but they still hire us because we manage to deliver where others cannot. And one of our secrets is professional relocation management.

People hire executive search companies only when there is a chance of improvement

Large companies engage in recruitment process outsourcing when they are sure that it can enhance their prospects of acquiring talent, and also because they trust that the recruiter would take care of certain angles, which they themselves would not like to engage in.

Relocation problems constitute a large part of components that traditionally, large companies do not want to shoulder because of numerous complex and justified reasons.

However, without solving relocation problems, recruitment efforts are confined and constrained only to locally available human resources pools – in effect forcing companies to keep moving in circles.

This happens because at certain top levels, the number of true professionals in any given market is very limited. Few of them may be ready to join your company, and fewer may be a cultural fit. Often the only solution, for manpower agencies in Gujarat, is to source candidates from other regional markets, and if necessary, even international markets.

However, experts have a terrible reluctance to relocate, and for prudent reasons. Our job is to spot those reasons and address problems that a professional might have in relocation, even if he or she is agreeable otherwise.

Strategies that help to make relocation agreeable to professionals

In work dealing with overseas recruitment in India, we refined and shaped the following steps, and then begun to employ them even for domestic relocations. Wherever it is possible to have companies agree to our policies, we ensure:

  1. Companies create a relocation policy and relocation allowance
  2. Proactive help is provided for schooling of children of relocating employee at the same standards or better than those presently enjoyed
  3. Support for spousal employment made if relocating employee has a working spouse
  4. Temporary accommodation for the relocating employee and his/her family is arranged during the beginning of his/her tenure
  5. Provide help to gain permanent accommodation when the employee is ready
  6. Provide help in the process of disposing and renting properties
  7. Arrange financial support for bearing immediate costs of relocation, which sometimes might be huge and may not be covered in a stipulated relocation allowance

Remember that there are few companies who could or would shoulder the responsibilities of arranging important things like spousal employment or children’s education arrangements. However, companies know that good recruiters have their own systems to offer support to the right employees, and companies are not reluctant to pay the recruiter, as long as they get the support they need.

On the other hand, keep in mind that even three years down the line, a relocated employee is going to trust the recruiter who convinced and helped him to relocate in the first place, and from questions about where to buy kitchen utensils to how to arrange a home loan the recruiter would be the first person to call. We know this, and provide the support down the line to those who trust us. And this is one of the reasons why we manage to stay at forefront of placement consultants in Gujarat, year after year.

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