Five Key Interview Questions for Finding a Personality Fit

Different job positions have the need of different personalities. While as the top placement consultants in Gujarat, we are concerned with company culture fits above all else, our work in contractual staffing has given us deep insight into interviewing for personality fits. This is because, during contractual staffing, companies are not so worried about cultural fits, as to whether the personality of the candidate fits the job functions and responsibilities.

In this article we would be discussing five interview questions or question types that help interviewers to assess personality fit of a candidate for a job position.

Broadly, candidates can be divided into three categories or personality types – task focused, colleague focused, and power focused. Task focused candidates are more worried about tasks to the exclusion of most other things, colleague focused candidates are led by examples and like supportive roles, while power focused candidates like control and being in charge of things. According to the job role, we need to select the personality type that would fit the job.

There are some traditional interview questions that help to assess personality fits, and they along with cues to decipher personality fits are as follows:

1. Tell me about your most recent job

In usual responses to this –

The task-focused candidate would give detailed description of the job activities

The colleague-focused candidate would describe personalities of people he worked with

The power-focused candidate would talk of issues where he was in-charge

2. What do you consider as your greatest strengths?

In usual responses –

The task-focused candidate would talk about quality work and doing a good job

The colleague focused candidate would state he likes teamwork and gets along with people

The power focused candidate would state he is able to lead and run the show

3. Why does this job role interest you?

In usual responses –

The task-focused candidate would talk about facing new challenges or things like being able to do things faster or without supervision

The colleague-focused candidate would say he can handle the work because he has done similar work before – or something like it is near my home

The power-focused candidate would stress the role of the job as a stepping stone to the future and having scope of advancement or assuming leadership

4. Give an example of a difficult problem you solved

In usual responses –

The task focused candidate would describe a problem of a technical nature

The colleague-focused candidate would describe a problem involving people and perhaps himself or herself

The power oriented candidate would talk about making a leadership decision or solving a situation by influencing others

5. What do you think are the most important qualities a candidate should have for this post?

In usual responses the candidate would describe himself or what he thinks of himself to be –

The task focused candidate will talk of qualities like dependable, self-starter, honest, hard-worker, and etc

The colleague-focused candidate will talk of qualities like being helpful, friendly, and cooperative and etc

The power-focused candidate will talk of qualities like leadership potential, ambition, growing mentality, ability to assume responsibility and take charge and etcetera

Of course, our work for the last decades as one of the best recruitment agencies in Gujarat has taught us that nothing works according to plan or copybook, but we need to improvise from one situation to another. The questions and responses given here are just a general guide but recruitment agencies in India and elsewhere know well enough to moderate the questions and responses to fit the situation.

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